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  • Emergency Police/Fire/Medical – 999

  • Non-emergency Police – 111​

  • International SOS UK +44 (0)20 8762 8008​

  • International SOS US + 215 942 8478

If you are involved in a major incident, follow directions given by emergency services at your location and guidance provided by your UK university and local media.  When it is safe to do so, contact your family and the Tufts in London/Tufts in Oxford programme.

International SOS

Tufts is a member of International SOS, which will help you both in an emergency and with general health issues.  You can use your Tufts membership to access the resources whether in the UK or traveling around Europe.


The Tufts membership number is 11BCPS000093. You should sign and carry the card with you at all times and download the International SOS Assistance App.

While abroad, International SOS can help you locate a qualified health care provider, replace a prescription or simply answer a general medical or security concern. In an emergency they can assist with getting you immediate care. The ISOS 24-hour information services and app may be especially useful when you are traveling, may not have access to your UK university support and/or may not speak the language.

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