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All courses on the Tufts in London & Oxford programs will be awarded Tufts credit in the corresponding department (or as “All-College” credit if there is no corresponding department at Tufts). However, it is up to each department to decide which courses will count and how they will count toward the major. You should consult with your major department regarding specific courses you wish to fulfill requirements.  For more information please see Tufts’ Global Education pages.  The link to the petition page is here.

Grade rubrics and equivalents

For full year students year-long courses will be listed twice, once in the Tufts fall semester and once in the Tufts spring one, so students earn 4 SHUs in the fall, 4 SHU in the spring and “I” and “II” is used to distinguish between the semesters (eg “Victorian Literature I” in the fall and “Victorian Literature II” in the spring).

Grades which go to decimal points will be rounded up/down -- 0.0 to 0.49 down, 0.50 to 0.99 up.

Pass/Fail, Drop and Withdrawal

To drop, withdraw or take a course P/F you must send an email to Dr Hyde, copying in Melanie Armstrong, that clearly states which course you wish to drop, withdraw or pass/fail by the Tufts deadlines below.  Please remember that all the usual Tufts rules apply (eg re P/F courses and major requirements) and talk to your advisor.  For more information see here.


Tufts in London/Fall

DROP deadline                    Monday, Oct 24th, 5 pm

WITHDRAWAL deadline     Monday, Nov 28th, 5 pm

PASS/FAIL deadline.           Monday, Nov 28th, 5 pm

Spring (the Tufts in London spring semester is UK terms 2&3)

DROP deadline                    Monday, Feb 13th, 5 pm

WITHDRAWAL deadline     Monday, Mar 20th, 5 pm

PASS/FAIL deadline.           Monday, Mar 20th, 5 pm

For Oxford's termly deadlines, please see the Tufts in Oxford handbook.

Academic Support

Partner universities have different types of academic support available, and their study abroad offices will be able to connect students to them.  While abroad, students are also able to access the support of Tufts’ StAAR Center for academic coaching, support in public speaking and presentation skills, and academic workshops online.  For more information please see their website.

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