All courses on the Tufts in London & Oxford programs will be awarded Tufts credit in the corresponding department (or as “All-College” credit if there is no corresponding department at Tufts). However, it is up to each department to decide which courses will count and how they will count toward the major. You should consult with your major department regarding specific courses you wish to fulfill major requirements.  For more information, and advice for Engineering and SMFA, please see Tufts’ Study Abroad pages.

Grade rubrics and equivalents

Pass/Fail, Drop and Withdrawal

Tufts in London


DROP deadline                    Friday, Oct 22nd, 5 pm Monday

WITHDRAWAL deadline     Monday, Nov 29th, 5 pm

PASS/FAIL deadline.           Monday, Nov 29th, 5 pm

Spring (the Tufts in London spring semester is UK terms 2&3)

DROP deadline                    Monday, Feb 14th, 5 pm

WITHDRAWAL deadline     Monday, Mar 21st, 5 pm

PASS/FAIL deadline.           Monday, Mar 21st, 5 pm

For details of the procedure, please see your programme handbook.

For Oxford's termly deadlines, please see the Tufts in Oxford handbook.

Academic Support

Partner universities have different types of academic support available, and their study abroad offices will be able to connect students to them.  While abroad, students are also able to access the support of Tufts’ StAAR Center for academic coaching, support in public speaking and presentation skills, and academic workshops online.  For more information please see their website.